Thank you so much for teaching me how to drive. Your “tough rules” helped me understand how not only to drive, but how you drive safe and efficiently. It means a lot to me, along with your Patience and Kindness I recommend this service for anyone and everyone. -Dennis Amoakohene
Thank you very much for your great help and patience, where I have driven for past is years, but with you I have go the instruction. How to be safe driver (Like Mr. Smith) In my opinion, you have a great experience how to teach driving in a way to pass the exam as well as be safe driver. Your instructions are very helpful either driving the examiner normal driving. Finally, I learned much from you & wish you a great life for you & your family. See you next year for my (G) Exam. ha ha ha -Abdel Jawad Alshaltoni
When I first started driving I was scared and I didn’t know what I was doing. With your help I have gained my confidence and became a safe and responsible driver. Your methods of teaching are very direct and easy to remember through your saying . I was surprised at my quick progress! You are a great teacher and a good friend. I hope to see you on the roads soon! P.S. Good luck with the new location downtown Oakville! I know it will be a success! -Cole Raikums
I remember my first lesson with you was frustrating. You always criticized the little things that seemed unimportant. I realize now that your criticism was constructive and because of you I have become a better driver. I will never forget the “coffee turn” 1-2-1 turning methods because you made these things fun for me to remember. I appreciate the patience, the fun times, your jokes and all the useful advice you have given me. Please remember that your students will always be grateful for your hard word and efforts I hope that your driving school thrives along with it’s students. Thank you for everything. -Nathan Flores Miranda
You have been a wonderful driving instructor. When I started driving, I had no idea how to do anything but you changed that. Your useful pointers and tips really helped me out like ‘the coffee turn’ and ‘one to one’. Everytime I go driving I remember that. You’ve made it possible for me to be a safe and responsible driver. I hope everything goes well , and I’ll see you some time closer to my G2 exam. Cheers, -Elyse Lavoie
You have been an awesome and most helpful driving instructor anyone could have asked for. You made me feel confident and safe in driving only after the first day and helped me become a better and more safe driver. For that, I am forever grateful. I will make sure I recommend you and your new school to as many people as I can because I know you will be just as good of an instructor to them as you were to me. I wish you much luck with your new driving school and thank you again for everything you have taught me. -Melissa Hwang
I had a wonderful time learning how to drive with proper skills over the past couple of weeks. I have learned way to drive from you that I will most likely never forget. From your coffee, double/doube, turn to your 1 to 1 technique with parents, really helped me be more relaxed and comfortable in the car. Mr. Shah, your chill way of teaching and your positive attitude really helps a student learn from a teacher. -Ousman Ahmed
You have been a great instructor, before I came to you I already was OK at driving but you showed me tips on driving and explained some rules to me that I did not know. You also showed me a great parking techniques like  the 1-2-1 parallel park and reverse coffee turn parking. Thank you very much for every thing. -Steven Dosanjh
I remember the first day of driving with you, I was really scared and frustrated. I was so nervous and annoyed because you criticized every mistake that I did. But Later I realized that all what you were doing was to improve my skills. I am so grateful to your patience and your good sense of humour that I will never forget. You are an amazing instructor who made driving very easy for me and for everyone who took the lessons with you. I will never forget the coffee turn. -Michael K
Thank you for being the best instructor, Your teaching methods really helped me be a better driver. You are very patient and tried to help me as much as you could. I can’t thank you enough. I will always remember the amazing tools that I learned from you and I definitely couldn’t have gotten my license without your amazing support and help. Thank you so much! -Bianca Solf
Thank you for your time teaching me become a safe amazing driver. Every method you taught me, I`ll use it to the real life situation and every time I whenever I`m driving, I`ll always think that you will sit beside me. Thank you so much and hope to see you in the near future! -Tomo Akogi
I would like to thank you for your continuous effort to make a better driver. I appreciate how you addressed my concerns, clarify any questions and help me understand the rules and techniques of driving and parking you have given me a better understanding of the concepts and requirement necessary to a safe more alert driver. Thank you for having patience with me and making me more comfortable driving. I hope the things you have taught me will help me attain my G soon. Keep working hard and laughing! -Nida Nathani
I would like to thank you for helping me learn how to drive. Your easy to learn formulas, such as 1-2-1 for parallel parking has really helped me become a more safe and effective driver. You never give up on a student and you create a comfortable atmosphere to learn. Thank you for making me a better driving! -Mantej Hundal
“Look in the direction you are turning, not at what you want to miss” Mr Shah, I very much appreciate all the time and effort you put into teaching me how to successfully and safely manoeuvre an automotive vehicle. You method of teaching is memorable and constructive, which only validates the fact that you are an exceptional teacher. The change seen in my driving abilities denotes how experienced, talented and patient you are. You created a very comfortable atmosphere for me and I have no complaints. My only regret is that my lessons have to come to an end, as they were fun and educational! I will always remember how you allowed me to drive on the Freeway!! If I do not succeed my first time taking the road test, it wouldn’t be due to a failure in your ability to teach, but my failure in listening as you are an exceptional teacher! All the best!! : ) -Shreya Sindwani
Mr. Shah thank you so much for teaching me all of your skills. I will never forget your driving formulas and techniques.  I think your method of teaching is very effective and I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher! Today is my last day and although I am happy to have completed my hours, I am sad to say goodbye. I will recommend you to any who needs a teacher! Thanks again. –Lindsay Bryant
I first started out with 0% experience but after Mr. Shah’s excellent techniques and teaching I am proud to say that I am a 100% confident driver. Not only did Mr. Shah teach me what I’ve never known before, he helped develop good habits to help me become a safe, confident driver. Your good sense of humour and being patient helped me become a good driver, so good that my parents trust me enough to use our BMW. Thank you Mr. Shah, without you I wouldn’t be able to become a safe confident driver. I will highly recommend anyone learning to drive, or want to improve their driving to go with Mr. Shah, he is an excellent teacher! Thanks again! –Marcus Drage
I don’t think there’s enough space on this page to describe how great you are. Your “strict” rules helped me erase all the bad habits I picked up previously in driving. You patience, calm attitude and excellence helped me and my family (son & husband) drive safe. I always had fun driving with you, the techniques and formulas you taught me will stick with me for life. Even just yesterday we jokingly mentioned your prompt expressions about parking, etc with my son, Gabor. We all wish you lots of health and students :) and I’m sure we’ll keep in touch either way...never know, even my 6 year old can learn to drive from you in the future :) All the best Mr. Shah. Thank you!!! –Beatrix Lastofka
Thank you for your patience and sense of humour it made me comfortable around you and with my driving. The 1-2-1 saved my life I had no clue about parallel parking before that as well as the coffee turns for back parking. I just recommend Mr. Shah hands down he has amazing techniques and explains very clearly what you are to do. If you become frustrated remember Mr. Shah is taking his time to help/ teach you things he knows will help you pass just take a breath and keep trying. Thank you soo much! -Luke Kostiuk
I highly recommend Leaders Driving School to any new driver. Whether you are starting from scratch or trying to improve your driving skills, this school is definitely worth joining. Mr. Shah’s driving techniques are extremely easy to understand, learn and apply in real driving situations. But more importantly, he will ensure that you become a safe and knowledgeable driver and pass your G2 test on your first attempt! -Imtiaz Hosain
Mr. Shah, Thank you very much for taking the time to teach me excellent driving skills. Your many strategies and comfortable sense of humour made it very easy and enjoyable for me to learn. I would be more than glad to recommend you to other friends, as I was very pleased with my experience. Thank you very much for your guidance, leadership and cooperation through out these past weeks. They will definitely make a difference in my future driving.–Laura Penalosa Dear Mr. Shah, I would like to thank you for your time, energy and skills. Without you it would have been difficult for me to learn skilful and safe driving. I learned a lot! –Nauman Ahmed Syed
Thank you so much for making me a better driver. You taught me a lot! I wouldn’t have been able to pass without your tips. –Mitch Miller
Mr. Shah is an awesome one of kind teacher, I have learned many things from him that I never would have learned on my own. I love his methods of teaching! Because of Leaders Driving School I have learned to drive very well! Thank you!–Gabor Petho
Thank you so very much Mr. Shah! I learned so much from you through these 10 hours in the car. What you have taught me will always stay with me for many years. I am certain that what you have taught me will be beneficial when I take my driving tests in the near future. I enjoyed how you always seemed to repeat everything that  you knew was important for me to learn. Your analogies were also pretty great and made me laugh! Your humour made all the knowledge you passed on to me that easier and more fun to learn. Once again, thank you so much for taking the time to help me become a much better driver!–Tyler Martin
Mr. Shah you are the most amazing driving instructor on the planet! It is no wonder that you have a 99% passing rate. I started lessons never having driven in my life and was very nervous. But after only 3 days I had become good and very comfortable in a car. You made it very easy to learn quickly using creative terms, which I will definitely never forget : ) Thank you so much!!! –Nadine Wehbe
I took my first lesson with Mr. Shah as an Instructor. He is one a kind instructor, he made me believe in myself, boast my moral to keep going and succeed. Shah will tell you straight to the point what to be done and where you're good at. I'm very satisfied with my Instructor (well recommended). He is one of the best Instructors, if not the best. Thanks! - Guomimo Trixie
I have had a very good experience taking these driving lessons. I feel a lot more comfortable behind the wheel, as well I have learned a lot of excellent tips (PARKING!) Thank-you for all you help with improving my driving skills. With these lessons with Mr. Shah I believe my driving will continue to improve. -Amanda Scott
My driving skills have improved very much from the instructors that Shah has gave the confidents in turning back and parallel parking. The method of instruction was very easy to pick up. -Kyle Coulson
I have learned many obtainable skills from Mr. Shah. All these skills that I have learned. I can take with me on my everyday driving. I have learned and improved in the following areas: parking, rear parking, lane change, proper observation and parallel parking. Thanks you so much Mr. Shah -Ryan Cranston
Thank you Mr. Shah for teaching me the fundamentals of safe driving. Your method of teaching will help me succeed on my upcoming road tests and will ensure my safety on the roads. You helped me tremendously with my steering and parking which you pointed out as weak areas when we first started. Hopefully, I will continue these methods and strategies for the rest of my life. Thanks. -Stephen Verschoote
Through your insightful teachings, I have become a better driver and I feel more confident in my ability to manueuver the vehicle safely on the road. The lessons that were the most beneficial to me were the lesson in which you taught me how to park; and the various methods of doing so. Thanks so much! -Alex Chisholm
Your teaching method was very helpful to me while learning the fundamentals of driving. The techniques shown to me allowed me to improve my driving ability very fast with accuracy. I felt I was in a very comfortable atmosphere which helped my confidence a great deal. -Meagan McVitie
Before your lessons I was a terrible driver, but after only a few hours I had already noticed an improvement. You make the lessons fun and very easy to understand. Now I am a much better driver and I have you to thank for that. -Dave Rothwell
Before driving with you I had never driven on the road before. At first I was very nervous but you put me at ease. You teaching methods were great, diagrams really helped me understand turning techniques. You were always patient and helpful and for that I thankyou. I feel confident in nmy driving abilities now I love driving! You taught me driving can be fun and enjoyable experience. - Mathew Sperber
Thankyou so much!!! Your method of driving is so simple to follow. I've had my G1 for 4 years and have done more driving in the past month then I have in the past 4 years and it's all because of you! at least I can show my husband some new tricks! : ) Thanks so much. You are awesome. -Cheryl Burke
The way you teach how to drive is easy and simple to follow. I've learned a lot of technical stuff behind driving. I will be using the methods you have taught me for the rest of my life. It has actually been fun taking lessons with you. I am a tremendously better driver because of your style of teaching. The techniques you have given me for the parallel parking and reverse parking are easy when I thought it was going to be hard. -Adam Hunter
Thank you! You prepared me well for the examination, and you encouraged me to keep practicing. Because of you help I passed the road test! I thought it was especially helpful how you encouraged me to think. You taught me that driving is first and foremost about thinking and looking around, being aware of the surroundings. -Kayleigh Felice
Thank you so much for the excellent driving lessons! I've learned so much and feel totally confident that I can face any situation on the road. Your encouragement and friendly personality made it a pleasure to drive with you. I really enjoyed your teaching techniques and I know they will stick with me for my life. - Emily Lutyk
Thanks a lot for preparing me for my G2 test! I passed!!! -Erick Poolman   Thank you so much for showing me everything I needed to know to prepare for my test. I know for sure that I would not have passed without your help. - Ryan Curran
Thank you for your time and patience it has been fun and i have benefitted a lot. My dad has stated that I drive a lot better now that I have taken the course with you I take turns better and now know how to park in all the forms parking from front, back and parallel. Once again, thank you. - Providence Niyonkurce
I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge and confidence through your teaching, your visual and clear style of teaching was easy to comprehend and remember. You aided me in correcting all my mistakes, and now I am confident to say that I've become a good driver. With a little more driving experience combined with yourexcellent teaching, it is certain that I will pass the road test and acquire my G2 licence! I appreciate your efforts and thank you for helping me become a better driver! - Terry Jia
Thank you very very much! You are an awesome teacher! I have learned so much from you, your method is so simple and easy to understand. Keep up the good teaching! - Sara Gilchrist
Your method was very simple to follow and I felt very comfortable. The techniques shown to me allowed me to improve my driving ability very fast. Thank you very much! - Lisa Lachance
Mr Shah had given me excellent training, the training was very clear and easy to understand. It is getting to the main point with Mr. Shah!  - Ahmed Elrofaue
I want to Thank you for helping me get my G2 license. When I started driving in Canada I thought I knew almost everything but the truth was I didn't. You have taught me so much, how to drive safely, confidently & with ease. You are a hardworking & dedicated instructor. I made so many mistakes initially but you manage to help me solve most of them. After getting lessons from you I feel like I am a good driver now. I am more confident & relaxed. Thank you for all you efforts & hard work. Wish you the very Best!- Saba Zeeshan Bham
Today, Sep 19, 2007 I have passed my G2 test and I want to express my gratitude to Mr. Shah, because I as a newcomer from another country, was not very familiar with a lot of small tricks, which were necessary to pass this test . Mr Shah explained me everything I needed to know, he was able to draw my attention to every detail and to make me aware of every trick which i had to show to the examiner. I liked his style teaching his dedication to the process, as he never kept silence, he commented my every move, and made me aware of a lot of things which I did not notice myself. I can also not that Mr. Shah is a good psychologist and he is able to put his student in the right psychological setting, which is very important for the test success. So, thank you, Mr Shah very very much! - Audrei Hazavdyke
I honestly, actually thought that without taking any proper driving whatsoever that I would easily be able to pass my G2 test, Now I realize that without your teaching methods and style, I would NEVER have passed. Now that I have taken these lessons though, I am much more confident, and I actually enjoy driving. Thank you very much!  - Jen Quirk
I have taken all of my in car lessons from Shah. I found that his method of teaching is straight forward and simple to follow. In the 10 hours of driving with you I have learned a lot, without your instruction I'm sure that my driving would be nowhere close to where it is now. Thank you very much!- Jesse Teixeira
Today is my final lesson and I feel obligated to say that my progess since my first lesson has been extraordinary. I went from never really having driven at all to driving along busy roads during ruch hour. I thank you Mr. Shah for your teaching, as it is your guidance that has gotten me to this point. With practice based upon your simple and effective methods, I am sure i will always be a safe and skilled driver. Thank you!- Jason Ellis
I have started driving for the first time with shah and the moment we started I could feel that this was going to be the best training, he explained so much to me before starting, so when we started driving I was so relaxed I was so comfortable with him. He taught me so much I have gained confidence in myself and at the end I knew I would be a great driver I told all my friends about him, he is great. Thanks Shah! You are the best!-Johanna M.
Thanks to you Shah I am a much better driver then before! I enjoyed very much learning with you. You made it easy and fun to learn. All of the teaching methods and formulas you used were awesome! Thanks so much! You were great!- Annie Corby
I have just completed my last driving lesson with Mr. Shah. I must say that i feel 100% more confident with my driving because of this creative, simple & easy to follow driving methods & formulas. I have learned so much more about how to be a safe & skilled driver than I ever thought I would. I want to thank Mr. Shah for his teaching & time, & also for making me a better driver. I feel confident about taking my G2 test. Couldn't have done it without you Mr. Shah!- Valerie Lavigne
Thank you so much! I have started driving for the first time with Mr. Shah. Today I could say I feel 100% more confident with my driving because of Mr. Shah's easy to follow driving methods. I really have learned so much more about how to become a safe driver. I was so comfortable with Mr. Shah. Thank you again for excellent training. Thanks a lot for believing in me and all you effort, advice and help! I really could not do it without you, Mr. Shah! You are the best teacher!- Inna Guschina
Thank you Mr. Shah for being my driving instructor. I cannot imagine ever having a better one anywhere else. I like how you take things and break them down into formulas that are easy to remember. One other thing that I like about you teaching methods is that, at the very beginning of my lessons, you would find out my weaknesses and then you would help me make them better. Again thank you for helping learn how to be a safe and responsible driver.”- Brennan Prescott
Thank you for the great instruction and the fun filled lessons. I am now a much safer driver, and feel more confident behind the wheel. I can now make smoother turn, and park any way I want.- Shaun Lovell
I would like to thank you Mr. Shah, you have made me a much safer driver driver which will most definitely help when it comes time to get my G2. Now only am I keeping others around me safe, but I feel safe driving. You have been so helpful and kind. Before I did my in-car lessons I felt that I would never be able to do parallel-parking or back parking, but you had faith that  I could do it, and you made it so simple to succeed. I will never forget anything you have taught me in the 10 hours of in-car lessons. Thanks so much Mr. Shah!- Michelle Glover
I'm very grateful that Shah was my instructor. He is a very professional and knowledgeable instructor. He teaches everything in a very professional manner. He is a patient person and gives you confidence. All his driving formulas work and are easy to remember. Shah always went out of his way to give me confidence with my driving. His patience with me  gave me a boost to my driving confidence. Thank you Shah for all your help. Without you help, I would never have gotten my “G” license. I will recommend you to anyone that is getting his/her license. Thanks again!!- Sonia Ponte
I now feel 100% more confident while driving compared to my first in-car lesson with Mr. Shah. At first I was sure that parallel parking would be difficult to learn but Mr. Shah helped me by teaching me certain formulas. Mr Shah has helped me be more aware of my surroundings and has also been a great companion to sit with in my car. Thank you very much Mr. Shah...you're SWEET : ) -Jenna Miotke
Thank you very much : ) I learned a lot of methods with you & I also had lots of fun. When I started lessons with you, I was a little nervous & uncertain with driving, but after all the courses I feel a lot more confident & responsible. So thanks again for everything. You were great : ) -Monique Daoust
Thank you very much Mr. Shah. I could not have passed my G2 without your teachings. When I first started I could not park and was not very confident, you changed that. I like you measuring & parking methods. Thank you! : )- Morgan Sims